Quality Learning Activities during 2018-19 (Maj Vinod Krishna pays homage to the legendary Mr Jasdev Singh, KRIS is proud to have executed an Outbound Learning Program on Team Building & Leadership for Pipelines HO-Indian Oil Corparation Ltd, at BHIMTAL (UK), Leadership & Team Building Workshop for Gyanshree School Noida on 6 April 2018, Brand Enrichment & Cultural (Baisakhi) Event at AVI Club Noida on 15 Aril 2018, Planning for Superannuation for NTPC on 8 & 9 May 2018, Foreign Language Training ) Read More..

About Us


It is of the people and for the people. KRIS has been created to act as a potent link between organizations and its’ people.

Our role couldn’t have been more articulately defined than what our most distinguished Mentor, Mr Bikash Chandra Bora, has so crisply outlined i.e. “…to provide Training services to the Corporate Sector, as an important component of the skill development program of the current government.”

The contemporary Governance has been largely focusing on ‘capacity building’ of people, which would be a spinoff of their Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (KSA). The initiatives and endeavors of KRIS shall follow two streams viz. Growth and Image Enrichment (Branding) - of both the people and their organization (The Wheel of Learning).

KRIS’s Founder & CEO Vinod Krishna, has worn many a hat (One Man – Many a Role) through nearly half a century of public life. Through this involving journey he has made innumerable friends, well wishers and, even admirers. His journey too has seen like any other road blocks, twists and turns . At one time, (many a decade ago) he was confronted by his neighbor’s younger son who remarked, “I know why you didn’t come for my brother’s birthday party yesterday. You were scared about all of us speaking in English.”

The insult was never forgotten. Several years later Krishna was hand - picked, after rigorous auditions, for Commentary (both Radio and Television) for Asian Games 1982, by the renowned and celebrated Commentator of young independent India – Mr Melville De Mellow of All India Radio. Krishna went on to be the “Voice of the Nation” when he used to be heard in more than 50 countries of the world, while commentating for India’s Republic Day Parades and such other events of global stature - year after year.

Team KRIS comprises, among others, Krishna’s talented and gifted better half Indira (COO), specifically responsible for Women Empowerment Programs. KRIS has, in its fold, more than a score of Domain Specialists, Communication Experts, Branding Professionals and Facilitators who have been associated as valued resource persons.

This was ‘About Us’.
It would be far more important for KRIS to ‘Know More’ ABOUT YOU.

Please call upon KRIS Learning to
do what we can to:

  • Create an organization wide climate to ‘Know More to Grow More’
  • Help Organizations plan to bridge gaps between levels of skills available and required
  • Create a platform for people to assess their own performance vis-à- vis the organizational expectations and suitably re-orientate.
  • Recognize and accomplish attainable goals – both at personal and corporate levels.
  • Make use of Knowledge, through synergetic Relations, by creating and maintaining positive Image - to be able to find Solutions.

Office Hours :

Mon-Fri:10am-6pm (IST)
Sat-Sun:By Special Appointment

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  • " It is indeed a pleasure

    "It is indeed a pleasure for me to be a Mentor of KRIS Learning, a company started by my former colleague in ONGC (as well as Oil India Ltd), Maj Vinod Krishna, to provide Training services to the Corporate Sector, as an important component of the skill development program of the current government. I know that the founder of KRIS Learning, Maj Vinod Krishna, a versatile professional with rich experience in multifarious fields, will very ably lead his team to deliver top quality training services to the corporate sector through a wide variety of programs. I wish KRIS Learning the very best in their laudable endeavours."

    Mr Bikash C Bora,ormer CMD - ONGC & OIL. KRIS Learning's Distinguished Mentor,

  • "We are so glad to see..

    We are so glad to see such encouraging words from such a distinguished professional like Mr Bora. Indeed Vinod's skills as a professional coupled with his genuine inherent humane qualities have eventually won him the accolades he deserves,a lot of it credit to Indira too.All the best.

    Riten Khosla

  • "The first learning from Kirs Learning.

    The first learning from Kirs Learning comes free. The valued lesson from your inspiring determination to excel and succeed. Good Luck Major. God blesses your endeavours.

    "He attains mastery.

    He attains mastery on any field he chooses, including Golf. Wish his Team vary best of performance and success.

    "So true sir.

    So true sir . Wishing you and your team all the very best.

    "You're a true successful

    You're a true successful human being and always the best in whatever you do. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.·

    " Wow unkl. such b'ful comments..

    Wow unkl. such b'ful comments given by ur colleague Mr. Bohra. Thats the real fact that Apart from a versatile professional u r a true human too. Maa n vishu's best wishes are olways wid you. God bless u with long and healthy.

    "Your efforts are..

    Your efforts are praiseworthy, Maj. Vinod. Best of luck in your all future/coming endeavours

    "What a great compliment.

    What a great compliment Sir! All the best for your company.

    "So nice.

    So nice and you truly deserve it.

    "Best wishes..

    Best wishes and truly well deserved.

    "Thumbs up..

    Thumbs up all the way.

  • " The first learning.

    KRIS is fortunate to have Mentor like Shri B C Bora. His positive attitude and vast knowledge will always enrich. I send my all the best wishes for coming time. with Best wishes

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